About this Project

Receive Create Combine
This creative postcard project is an experiment in collaborative visual association. The purpose of this project is to inspire and be inspired; to have fun while creating; to react in a creative way to what you see.
The idea of reacting to each other’s visual output and working directly on each other’s work is very intriguing to me.

This is how it works:
After you let me know you want to join this project (look at the page titled ‘Join’: https://receivecreatecombine.wordpress.com/join/ ), I send you a number of cards.
You can do whatever you want on these cards by visually reacting on what you see on them. You can draw, paint, write, doodle or stamp on them. You can stick pieces of newspaper or other scrap paper, photographs, a copy of a poem or whatever comes to your mind: whatever seems to fit on the card or whatever seems to provoke a reaction by the following participant. But please, keep it civil.

When you are ready, you write your name on the back of the cards you worked on and you return the cards to me. As soon as I receive them, I put them back in the box mixing them with the rest of the cards and I make new sets of cards to send out to the next participants. In this way, different people work on each card by giving a visual reaction to what they see.

If you cannot think of anything to do on a specific card, then you leave this card as it is and you send it back together with the rest of the cards. (In this case, you only write your name on the back of the cards you did work on.)

In this blog I will be documenting the progress of this experimental project by posting photos of the cards in their different stages.

Just like any other experiment, the end result of this project is not yet clear. The process is what matters, being inspired, exploring our creativity, making something together.

I believe that inspiration should be shared; my dream is that this creative postcard project will spread like a ‘virus’ around the world. A rather ambitious dream, I know… But even if this doesn’t happen, I will consider this project successful if it ignites a spark of inspiration in some people and urges them to allow creativity in their everyday life.

Will you also join us in this experiment?

Here is a link to my first post in this blog if you’d like to read how this started:



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