Frequently Asked Questions

What is this project?
“Receive Create Combine” is a creative postcard project; it is an experiment in collaborative visual association.
The purpose of this project is to inspire and be inspired; to have fun while creating; to react in a creative way to what you see.
You can read more about it in: https://receivecreatecombine.wordpress.com/the-project/

Why should I participate?
Because it is fun! Because it is inspiring to do and intriguing to see what comes out of it. And because it is nice working on something together, being part of something by adding and creating.

What should I do on the cards?
You can draw, paint, write, doodle or stamp on them. You can stick pieces of newspaper or other scrap paper, photographs, a copy of a poem or whatever comes to your mind, whatever seems to fit on each card. But please, keep it civil.

Can I participate again?
I’d love it if you want to participate again! You can participate as often as you like.
Each time you can have 6 to 12 cards to work on. I can send you a new set of cards when I receive the cards you worked on.

What if I really don’t know what to do on one of the cards?
If you cannot think of anything to do on a specific card, then you leave this card as it is and you send it back together with the rest of the cards.

Who can participate?
Anyone older than 12 years old can join this project.

How much time do I have to work on the cards?
Generally, a couple of weeks should be enough time, but I know that life sometimes gets in the way… However, if you have had the cards for two to three months and you haven’t done anything with them, chances are you won’t get busy with them anyway. In this case I would like to have them back so that I can send them to someone else. You can always try again later on, with another set of cards, when you have more time.

What if I forget to write my name on the back of the cards?
Then I will write your name on the cards when I receive them, before I send them on to the next participant.


If you also have a question, please feel free to ask.


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