New Cards and Another First!

new cards - receive create combine

It has been a while – too long, I know.
I have been avoiding my computer… With a trigger finger in each hand it has become quite difficult to do computer work; to do any work for that matter… Funny, how we see how important something is only when we shouldn’t use it anymore.

So, back to the project, here’s a photo of the new cards. There are 250 cards in this project right now.

Further, we have another ‘first‘ for “Receive Create Combine”: the first participant from Canada!
Suzanne, thanks for joining this project! The cards are already on their way.
You can have a look at Suzanne’s work in het blog:

Until next time!

Currently: 24 participants from 6 countries  – Will you join us too?



3 thoughts on “New Cards and Another First!

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  2. Hi Katarina
    You should have received my cards by now. And I found the envelope! It was card set #39. If you saw my workspace you would know how it got lost and why it took so long to find.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

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