Out of cards

No kidding, I’m out of cards!

Previously, I wrote that I had been away for a while, visiting my family in Greece. Before I left, I divided all the cards that were at that moment in the ‘RCC’-box in a number of sets to take with me. I had not expected that I would come back with no cards at all! In the ‘RCC’-box were only a few cards left: the cards that needed some more work before sending them out. Luckily, Lara sent back the cards of set nr. 23 very quickly! Still, it was clear that I needed more cards: the “rules of the game” imply that I shouldn’t send the whole set to the next participant. Preparing new cards for this project took longer than I thought because unexpectedly I got down with a nasty flu (again!) With the new cards added, the project runs now with 200 cards. However, I think that I will soon have to bring it up to 225 cards.
During my stay in Greece five more people joined the project bringing the count of participants to 22.

In the meantime we have another ‘first’: last week Renate from http://2craftand2create.wordpress.com joined this project. She is the first participant from Australia!
Renate, thanks for joining!

Please visit also her second blog, a blog for a good cause: http://minimonotypes.wordpress.com

Renate also nominated this blog for the Liebster Award. Thank you so much for this! I will soon have a better look at it – as soon as I am flu-less…

And now I’d better go make some more new cards for this project!

Currently: 23 participants from 5 countries  – Will you join us too?


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