Will you join me?


This is the blog of my new project ‘RECEIVE CREATE COMBINE’. I often have “big” ideas, but this is the first time I actually do something with one of them. The idea for this project was triggered by a daily project that I have been doing since January 2012. I will soon write more extensively about it, but what matters right now is that it gave me so much inspiration that it made me curious to see what would happen if I would involve other people in the creative process; curious to see if this project can inspire them too. I believe that inspiration should be shared. If -by doing this project- I can inspire even one person to allow more creativity in his/her life, then I will consider this project a success.

So, what is this project? It is a kind of a visual association game. I started with a big stack of white index cards. I have been working on them daily for the last two months: painting, drawing, stamping, gluing, printing… At random, I worked several times on some cards and only once or twice on other cards. Now I want to send them out to different people. What I am asking you to do is to make something on these cards: paint, draw, stick something, write a poem, write a word, stamp on it, glue a small piece of a newspaper or a photo or something else. You can do anything you like on them; the important thing is that you are having fun while you are doing this. Please keep them reasonably flat (i.e. don’t glue too thick objects on them) so that they can be sent by mail. When you’re finished, you write your name on the back of each card you worked on and you send them back to me. I put them back in the box, I mix them with the other cards and then I make new sets to send on to other participants. Different people work on each card by visually reacting on what they see. I will be posting photos of the cards and the names of the participants in this blog.

This project is only an experiment: the process is what matters, not the result. There are probably a lot of things that I haven’t thought of right now; the whole thing is work in progress…

How it works in 6 steps:

  • Step 1: you let me know that you’re interested in participating
  • Step 2: I send you a set of cards
  • Step 3: you work on the cards by visually reacting on what you see on them.
  • Step 4: you write your name on the back of the cards you worked on
  • Step 5: you send them back to me
  • Step 6: I mix the cards with the rest, I make new sets and I send them on to other participants.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I intend to make a separate FAQ page soon.

Currently: 9 participants from 2 countries

Hope you will join us too!


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